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I’m a London based film-maker, editor and award-winning photographer.
Hopefully my work here will tell you more about about me.
I’ve been editing short-form videos now for many years. After a brief stint in Soho, I went on to advance my career with a Masters (with Distinction) in Motion Graphics. I now freelance and produce videos with many different clients for promos, PR, charity, events: predominately short-form editing.

I love travel and used to live in Kyoto for a time and still have a love for Japan and international cultures in general - so I combine these interests with travel photography & time-lapsing or can be around my local New Malden Korean neighbourhood. I'm also a keen artist and songwriter.

Some of my more personal projects are on this page below.

Thanks for visiting!

Recent Art Work

Norfolk Boats.jpg
Shanghai Pomeranian Bike Man.jpg
Summer Joy - MAYA.jpg

Personal Film Projects

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